Exhaustion Prompt

Write about being exhausted and how it either dulls or heightens your emotions. This is a prompt I was given by a friend, however, this prompt from Write Practice, is very similar. Again, I gave myself a time limit but this time it was 10 minutes. Obviously, I went in a different direction than the suggestion from Write Practice, but that is exactly the point of writing prompts, to get you writing.

They were starting to hallucinate. It had been four days since either of them had last slept, truly slept. At some point they had probably dozed off but she couldn’t remember it. In front of her she saw a small house, a cabin really, not remarkable on its own, but there were lights on. Lights, Alice couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen lights on anywhere. She was so tired and the lights looked so real, her body told her to walk towards them, a memory of safety from her past. Alice tried to think, this could be dangerous, but the thought of danger seemed so remote. She was so tired, what harm could light do?

Alice pulled on the rope that connected her to Ella, the older woman was practically asleep on her feet, Alice had emptied everything not necessary from their packs yesterday, in hopes of helping them move faster. The dogs had been running alongside them in the dark woods, but all three of them circled back now to stand next to Alice. Her favorite, the small brownish female, she had named Lulu, barked twice and moved a few steps up the path. Alice did not call her back, already she was beginning to feel warm with the brightness of the light. If she thought about it, she knew the feelings were euphoria and that they were dangerous, but the sense of danger was a dull ache in the back of her head.

Could it be?  Was the house real?  Ella came up beside her and after a moment of staring at the house she fell to her knees. Alice knew the other woman was crying, she had the same urge, she wanted to shout, to run towards the house or perhaps just lie down, here where she could see the light ahead. It was the exhaustion, Alice knew, she just couldn’t think right. She was so tired she couldn’t control her emotions, this little glowing house gave her a sense of hope, of wonder, that she hadn’t had in over a year.