Prompt Results

I promised to post a few of my favorite stories that came from my Prompt Challenge. Each post is the results of the writing session, so I haven’t edited them, they stop where my timer buzzed (some didn’t take the full time so they might have some editing), and none of them have been expanded upon yet. Here is a little information about prompts.

Prompts are often used by writers for quick writing practices and inspiration to break writer’s block. Typically they use photos, first lines, or general themes to give the writers an idea to write about. Most often, prompts are designed with time limits or for a specific type of writing. For example they might say  write a poem/short story about blank or write about blank for 10 minutes.

Most of the prompts I’m using in this challenge have been simple or common prompts, meaning they are common themes, ideas, or practices. For example, one of the most common prompts is “Write about your/a hero”. I’m sure you’ve come across that one at least once in your life, english assignment, college application, standardized test. These type of prompts give you a theme and ask you to create a story, poem, or personal narrative based on the theme. These type of prompts are timed so that you think about what you want to say about that theme specifically and get right to the heart of the story.

I’ve also picked out a few less common prompts. Ones that give a strange and specific first line or a bizarre topic. Yes, there will be dragons and magic guys so pay attention! These prompts are not always timed because they are designed to give you an opportunity to further your writing style, vary your genre, or just see where the story ends up when you aren’t in control of how it starts.

I hope everyone enjoys these short stories and flash fiction pieces. It’s not all of my results but these are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most. I have included the prompt as the heading of each result.

Grandfather Prompt

Exhaustion Prompt

Longing Prompt