I heart Nails for Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day! While I don’t have any special plans it doesn’t mean my nails can’t be festive. Here are two simple and cute nail designs for Valentine’s Day.     I used Essie- Lovey Dovey pink nail polish as well as white and red nail pens. I used the pens because they have polish brushes as well, but you could easily use regular … Continue reading I heart Nails for Valentine’s Day

Love Your Self Nail Design

Here’s a little nail art to remind you of what’s really important this Valentine’s day. I used Essie Lovey Dovey Pink as my base color and did the designs with white and red nail pens. Step 1. Paint all your nails with the base color. Step 2. Using the white pen draw hearts on your pointer and ring fingers. Step 3. Using the red pen write … Continue reading Love Your Self Nail Design

Candy Cane Nails

These candy cane nails come to you as a request from one of my co-workers. She couldn’t believe how easy it was to create this Christmas look. You can create very similar looks with the same steps just different colors or angles on the tape. I know I alluded to some “super Christmasy” designs in my earlier posts, and indeed I was planning to do … Continue reading Candy Cane Nails

Red and Green French Tips

It’s the holiday season and Christmas is nearly upon us. As such, I’m finally breaking out some more traditional holiday nail designs. Since we are still in the midst of holiday party season, I wanted to showcase an elegant design that will go with just about any outfit or dress you may find yourself wearing this holiday season. Officially, this isn’t a French Manicure as … Continue reading Red and Green French Tips

Frosty Snowmen

When planning nail designs for this time of year I like to keep two things in mind, will it match a number of different outfits and is cute without being over the top? So since it’s only the second week in December, instead of going with something that screams HOLIDAY TIME, I’ve opted for a slightly more subtle design. A Snowman. I tried two different … Continue reading Frosty Snowmen

Tidal Blue Snowflake Tutorial

Since it is only the beginning of December and just the first week of my nail art challenge, I thought I would leave the SUPER Christmas styles till closer to the actual holiday. I opted to go with a wintry pattern of snowflakes instead. This is a good style for those who don’t have a lot of time, or opposite hand dexterity. What I mean … Continue reading Tidal Blue Snowflake Tutorial