So Far So Good… Sort of.

Last week I started my 30 day challenges. 30 days of writing IMG_2650inspired by prompts, 30 days of photos, and hopefully 30 days of editing my manuscript. So far I’m 8 days in and I’ve never been more productive! I’ve had good inspirations and helpers. My friends and family have been incredibly supportive, and of course my animals have been lovely enough to pose for tons of photos. I may be the most productive I’ve been in a long time but I have struggled to meet all of the goals I’ve set.

To start off my month of writing I chose a list of 10 prompts with a 15 minute timer, I used this article with 10 Writing Prompts by the Writing Practice. (To learn more about prompts go to my results page) Mostly, I have been trying to write around 9-10 each morning and have been IMG_2635setting myself up out on my deck. I’ve been choosing my deck for both the view, nature always inspires me, and because I’m less likely to get distracted out here. It’s only day 8 but I’ve really enjoyed the prompts so far and after finishing a prompt I usually have a pretty good writing session.  You can find a few of my favorites results here. Before starting this challenge I would typically write in my study. About two years ago I re-painted, decorated, and created my study for the sole purpose of being a writing room and I can assure you my mom wishes I would go back to using it as I’ve taken over her outdoor dining area. I haven’t been at all productive in my study for the past few months and the move outside has super kick-started my muse, so sorry mom, looks like you aren’t getting your deck back.

As part of my challenge I’ve also been taking photos. I thought taking 3 photos a day would be easy, but it’s turned out to be a bit difficult. Remembering to take photos when I’m out is not something I’m good at, so most of my photos end up being of nature or something that happened while I was thinking about my challenge. I’m still going to take photos but instead of taking 3 a day, I’m giving myself a new challenge of having 60 edited and inspiring photos at the end of the month. I plan to post a few with each blog, especially if they relate to some of my writings, but I’ll be posting a gallery of photos at the end of the month.

IMG_2654I haven’t made much progress at all on my manuscript, at least not the kind of progress that I’d like to be making. I’ve been setting myself up each day with great writing spots but I keep not having enough focus or motivation, cats are such good distractions. Since I’m only putting in the minimum effort I’m going to change-up this portion of my challenge. Instead of my manuscript I’m challenging myself to be active everyday for at least an hour. I’ve done something for a couple of hours everyday since June started and I’m feeling great. I have energy, feel healthy, and find that it is even pushing me to eat better. I really want to keep up this activity and keep exploring the beauty of the area I live in. There are so many exciting things to do here and hopefully by challenging myself to do something active every day I’ll experience a lot of them.Bella and Holly

The month has started out well but I do wish I’d been a bit more productive this week. I think that the changes will help me stay on track and continue to be productive for the rest of the month.


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