Outfit of the Week: Matching bright colors with strong subtles.

So once more I’m using my very fashionable moma as the subject of my outfit of the week.

Blue and Green 1


I love this outfit, everything from the color choices to classic style of the shoe.This outfit is acceptable for both a more relaxed professional/casual office and a very conservative professional office. Let’s jump right in then shall we?




   The Pieces

Blue and Green striped Pencil Skirt- I love the colors in this skirt. It’s brightness would probably concern most people when thinking about blue and green skirtwearing it to a professional office but the navy actually down plays nicely making this skirt perfectly acceptable for a professional look.
The length is also very important. I’m thinking, now that summer is here, I’ll have to do a post on skirt lengths. The length of this skirt, as well as the fact that it’s a classic pencil, are actually part of what makes it appropriate for a more conservative office. As you’ll see in the photo above, the skirt reaches well past the fingertip test. It comes to my mom’s knees. When dealing with professional offices, always try to make sure your skirts come to the knee or longer.

White Shirt and Navy Sweater- Part of the reason I love this outfit is how well matched it blue and green 3is. By choosing to match the white and blue the green is kept subtle but not lost. There is a little bit of detail on the white shirt, the collar has some cut out design, but a standard white fitted tee or tank works just as well here because it’s not meant to draw the eye. It isn’t the focus of the outfit, instead you want to draw the eye to the contrast between the fitted skirt and flowing waterfall sweater. A fitted sweater would change this outfit entirely, making it look very stiff and buttoned up, I’m not saying that would be bad, but it wasn’t the look we were going for here. The flow and shape here gives off open, approachable, vibes and goes with the fun, more showy colors in the skirt and scarf.  As a side note, if you are trying to re-create this be aware that going with a darker shirt and lighter sweater, may not look as good since the colors you’ll pull from the skirt will change.

Navy Mary Jane’s- shoes 2You may not have seen them highlighted on my blog yet but these are actually one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I picked them  up for a 1950’s themed Halloween outfit and have since determined they are most comfortable pair of heels. The heel height is just right and in the case of this outfit the color is perfect.  They pull the outfit together with a finished, office appropriate shoe.


blue and green 2


Accessories- The scarf pulls out the green in the skirt and offers a pop of color. It wouldn’t work as well with an infinity scarf, it needs that draped look to match waterfall sweater. Silver jewelry also helps keep the outfit together.  Giving it that more polished office finish. The green in the jewelry also pulls the green out in the skirt, keeping any of the colors from getting lost in the outfit.



Why I Love It

Blue and Green 1


There are a handful of reasons I love this outfit but I’m mostly going to focus on the color and openness of this outfit. And I do mean openness, your outfit is just as important when making an impression as your demeanor. A lot of what people put together as “office” attire can be intimidating and I think this is a nice reminder that just because you are working in a more professional or conservative environment does not mean you have to give up brightness or welcoming clothes. I really enjoy that the colors in this outfit grab the eye and that by using some darker and more subtle colors for balance the bright eye-catching greens don’t overwhelm.





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