A little werid is good for the soul.

Tesla and the flowers

My world has been weird of late, so instead of stressing about it, I’m spending too much time taking photos of my cats and spending the mornings hiking with my dog, and I’m loving it.

I’ve always been good about remembering how fragile our lives are but I think I’ve let myself forget that in the past few years. I’ve let being responsible become synonymous with taking shit too seriously. So here’s to remembering to take a breath and just enjoy the days you have.

By a little weird, I mean I have new found time on my hands and a sense of directionless-ness (and yes, I made that word up just now). A few weeks ago I took an opportunity that I thought was what I wanted with my life, turns out it was the exact opposite, my body also told me that it has had enough of my non-sense (like being too high-stress, not eating or sleeping properly, or slowing down when I don’t feel well) and more or less told me it was done. I took that as a sign to have a long over due break. Luckily, I have just enough saved up to follow my wanderlust for two months without freaking out that I won’t be able to feed my cats.

While it may seem a weird thing to do at 26, when everyone else seems to be in a race to get the best job, best boyfriend, best bragging rights, I’m taking some time to do a whole lot of nothing. To just follow the things I love, like sleeping, hanging with my dog, randomly going to the beach, and of course writing and see where it takes me. It’s not that I’m trying to “find myself” I’m simply re-connecting with who I am, what I love, and reminding myself that putting myself first is okay.

So for the month of June I have given myself the following challenges.

  1. Do a prompt (writing exercise) every day. Theoretically, I’ll have 30 pieces of writing at the end of the month. I am allowing them to be short stories, flash fiction/nonfiction, poetry, or short essays/blog posts (must still follow the prompt for that day).
  2. Take 3 photographs everyday (this might prove challenging). The idea is to take photographs of something I find beautiful, enchanting, love, am moved by etc.
  3. Edit at least 1 chapter of my manuscript every week. This is mostly so that I don’t forget that I am supposed to be graduating in the fall and my thesis has to get done. 

    I’m going to post my progress a couple of times a week, and a few of my favorite prompts and photos. I hope you enjoy them!





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