Braided Bun with Poof Bangs!


Just to recap, in case any one is wondering why all these styles seem so simple, these tutorials are  all about simplicity and easiness. I am sure I’m not the only person who likes to sleep to the very last-minute, so these are all styles you can do when you have precious little time to get yourself out the door in the morning.

So, that being said,  here is this fun little style!

IMG_1450 It’s a little hard to  see the bun but there is a close up.

This is another style where it really doesn’t matter whether your hair is freshly washed or not. The only things you need on hand for this one are about 10-15 bobby pins (depending on style preference and the thickness of your hair), 2 elastics, and hairspray.





Step 1. Gather bangs, or front section of your hair that you want to poof up. If you have bangs long enough to gather back in your bun then you can skip this, but I think the poof adds to the style. (Oh my, I just realized how bad that bags under my eyes were this day. Here’s another tip get lots of sleep before taking pictures)

Step 2. You want to tease the section you’ve gathered a bit. Just a bit remember, this isn’t the 80s. It is important, when teasing your hair to tease it close to your head. What does that mean you ask? Okay, take your teasing comb or brush in one hand. (I prefer the rat tail comb. It’s the thin comb that has a stab like handle. See below)  IMG_1517

You should still be holding onto your separated section of hair. You want to be holding at about the same place I am in the picture for step 1. Take the comb and place it against your hair about 2 to 3 inches above your scalp. Comb down, towards your scalp, a few times. You may want to spray the sections with hair spray first, it will depend on how your hair behaves. The ultimate goal is to create volumized bump, not a knotted mess. The reason you shouldn’t comb from the ends of your hair down is because it will cause damage and breakage.

Step 3. After you have a nice “poof” you want to flip the hair back and secure with bobby IMG_1442pins. You can make your “poof” as big as you want but like a subdued one myself.

Step 4. Pull the rest of your hair up into a tight ponytail. (See above picture) You want to decide where you want your bun to sit before you pull your hair up. This time I went with slightly above the center of my head but you can do lower or higher and the directions will be the same.





Step 5. Separate the hair in the ponytail into 3 sections. Braid the hair all the way to the very ends. Secure with elastic.


It’s okay if small pieces are sticking out. They will get pinned in.






Step 6.  Begin wrapping the braid around the ponytail. Secure with the bobby pins every few inches before continuing to wrap the braids. IMG_1446

Wrap as many times as you can before reaching the end of the braid. Tuck the end of the braid under and secure with as many pins as you need.


Step 7. Use bobby pins to secure any fly away pieces. The bun might have become to tight, or coils might be sitting on top of each other. Use bobby pins to flatten and stretch the braid until it looks how you want.


Step 8. SPRAY WITH HAIRSPRAY! I’m not a big fan of caking your head but for some reason (probably because my hair is layered) pieces always start to stick out half way through the day if I don’t spray it well.

So there it is. A braided bun. Not as hard as you thought right? I hope not.

Oh and here’s a tip.

Since I use bobby pins with everything, here are some hacks for bobby pins.

A. Bobby pins go squiggly side down. Yup, crazy right? They do though.

B. Use an aerosol based hairspray and spray your bobby pins before using them for maximum hold.

C. If you place your bobby pins in opposite directions they hold better. I know that’s confusing but it causes them to hold against each other and it is more secure. Especially in bangs and twists.


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