Twisted Sleek Bun

Since proms, graduations, and wedding season are just around the corner I wanted to share this easy style that is perfect for that last-minute fancy occasion.

The Twisted Sleek Bun. If you have some one to help you or you have practiced it a few times, this style can be done in about 10-15 minutes. If you are doing it on your own you will need to do it slowly and you should put aside about a half hour to create this style.


This is not a hairstyle you can do with short hair. Even medium lengths might need to modify it slightly, with many bobby pins used to secure the bits that stick out. You don’t need damp hair but if you’re looking for a really tight, long-lasting, hold I would suggest it. I also suggest spraying with hairspray before and after you complete the style. You will need a small clear elastic, bobby pins, and possibly a regular elastic.

Now, what you’ll also notice is this is not my head. The style while simple, can be difficult to explain with out detailed pictures. In order to give the best instructions I enlisted some help so  that I could take step by step pictures.IMG_1534

Step 1 – Separate one small section of hair from at the back of your head. You want it to be underneath the rest of the hair so that it is easily hid.



Step 2-  Separate strand in two. Twist this piece of hair until it is twisted completely tight all the way to the tip. Secure with the small clear elastic.


Step 3- Gather the rest of the hair and smooth back so that all the hair is pulled away from your face but the twisted sections stays separated. (The twist may come loose. It’s okay, you can tighten it later.)

IMG_1538Step 4- Separate the gathered hair into two even sections.




IMG_1539Step 5- Take the two IMG_1541sections, one in each hand, and tie them in a knot. It will become loose as you cross the two sections but try not to lose any hair from the sections as you loop them. Pull the knot tight.



Step 6- Starting with one side, twist the section. Continuing to twist as you go, begin wrapping the hair around the knot. Secure the section every inch or so with a bobby pin. Stop when you reach the other side where your second section is.





Step 7-  Repeat step 6 with the second section,  this time pinning towards the top of the knot. Continue until you reach the other side again. It will look like this (below).  IMG_1547


You’ll definitely want to spray it with hairspray at this point. Smooth the fly away pieces with the hairspray.IMG_1544


Picking up the original section continue to twist and pin it until you run out of hair. Make sure to tuck the ends under the bun. Do the same thing with the second piece.



Step 8- Smooth and pin any loose sections.  This is where you will want to use the  regular hair elastic. If you don’t feel that the bun is secure enough when you finish pinning it you may want to use a large elastic to secure the bun. DO NOT wrap it around the hair and try to tighten it. Use and elastic that is still tight and simply slip it over the bun once.


Step 9- Now you will take the section that you set aside at the beginning and re-twist it so that it is tight.  Take the twist and loop it up and over your head like a headband. You can pin it as much as you wish but I find if you pin it over each ear and then at the back of your head on either side it holds the most secure.


IMG_1548 IMG_1550To get the sleeker look you will want to spray the style again and smooth all the pieces.




I know it seems really complicated but I promise this style is not. It can be hard, so I do suggest practicing a few times before trying it out for an event where you get all dressed up.


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