Outfit of the Week- Matching Houndstooth

This week’s outfit comes to you from the amazing closet of my mother, proving that style can be mastered at any age. It is certainly fair to say that any style I have my mother helped me realize. I was a t-shirt and jeans girl for most of my life, still am some days, to my mother’s constant distress. I loved to get dressed up but doing it on a daily basis was not my thing. When I started working and was trying to find my own way into fashion and determine what was and wasn’t work appropriate my mom was one of the first people I looked to for advice.

I love that I have the opportunity to showcase my mom and her incredible sense of fashion. I picked this outfit to be this weeks outfit of the week because I love the way she put together items that are stand alone casual pieces to be a complete professional outfit. Also, I picked it because I don’t often get a chance to show off a lot of looks that are suitable for a professional office.

Why It Works
Let’s talk about why this outfit works for a professional office. It  matches, nothing looks thrown haphazardly together, and it has all the classic elements of professional attire. The bold  red color, paired with a pattern makes this outfit confident, not loud, and not easily ignored. While the Houndstooth pattern itself might not be overly bold it’s certainly not  sedate and it draws the eye.

The Pieces

Black Nylon Slim Cut Pants – The key here is that they are not jeans. They’re a fitted trouser and the fabric is not a stretch jeggings type thing but a real pant. I’m not saying the only option for pants is the traditional black suit pants but in this case it’s what keeps the outfit look professional, anytime you go with a more casual top you need to keep your pant traditional. However, you can always give the traditional a twist. In this case the twist is the cut of the pants. A slim fit gives clean lines and a tailored look.




Red undershirt, Houndstooth Jacket -This works so well because of the bold red of the under shirt. A neutral color would not work as well. If you don’t love red you can always go with a bright blue, it’s also a great color under Houndstooth. The jacket is the other key part of this look. A bolder or brighter pattern wouldn’t flow nearly as well and would be a bit loud and busy. Houndstooth is a classic print and its perfect for a professional office

Shoes 1The Shoes- Obviously, I love a cute micro heel, this is the second time I’m including them in a post. The cutest part of these shoes is the little Houndstooth pattern on the nose of the heels. This detail in these shoes is what brings the outfit together so well! These shoes may seem a little old fashion but they are classic and they are perfect for a Shoes 2professional office because they are just that professional. The thing about a good micro heel is that they aren’t too loud (which some patterned shoes can be), too high (a lot of young women tend to where a heel that is too high for a professional work place), or too plain (which can sometimes be the case with flats).

Why I love It
I love this outfit for so many reasons, but mainly I love that it’s bold and vibrant without screaming “look at me”. This takes classic elements of office fashion and twists them to be unique and modern. I love to see women, especially women my mom’s age who have been wearing professional attire for a long time, breaking out of the classic suit pant and embracing slim cut, strait leg, and skinny cut trousers. These styles are often far more flattering and allow for a wider array of pairings.


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