Outfit of the Week- Spring has Sprung

“Spring has sprung on your bottoms!” Was the first thing  I heard when I walked into my Me 1office with this outfit. At first I was hesitant, I thought maybe they were too loud and loud is not usually my standard, but then I started getting compliments on the outfit and I felt good about it again.

I’ve always been a little jealous of people who pull off crazy patterns.I have said before that loud is not my normal attire, and patterned bottoms are usually akin to flashing signs. Not in a bad way, I think they look phenomenal but I was never sure I could pull them off. So when I bought the pants I thought, this is me trying something new, I’d worn them a few times with plain t-shirts to bum around, but I hadn’t really made an outfit out of it yet. When I put this outfit on I thought, okay I like this, I feel pretty good in it, so when I got compliments at work I was really proud of myself for trying something new.

Why It Works
The reason this outfit works is because it is balanced. The sedate, neutral colors of the blouse and sweater even out the louder print of the flowered bottoms. The looser cut and style of the tops also contrasted the skinny tailored bottoms.

The PiecesIMG_2587
Steel Grey and Floral Print Cropped Skinny Jeans – The print on these is busy but because the base color of the pants is this beautiful steel grey with a hint of purple the pattern pops without being overly bright. The fact is that the brightest color in the pants is pretty sedate pink. The use of dark pastels in the pattern keeps this look springy without being overly bold. While a full length pant would have also worked the cropped style is a bit more casual. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, style does not come with a label or a price tag. I picked these off brand pants up at a department store, on sale, for $22.

topWhite Ruffled Blouse – With the white accents from the pants I matched this very feminine and simple blouse. The ruffles and the shape of this blouse make it flattering for most shapes. It’s beautiful, it’s Worthington, and it only cost me $18 at Kohl’s. I love the way it flows and where it cuts off to give me a waist.sweater

Neutral Baggy Sweater – Since it’s not summer yet I  still needed something layer over this otherwise it would have been too summer looking. Another neutral piece was necessary to keep the outfit from getting to bold or too formal. This tan knit sweater is just the ticket.

tan shoesTan Suede Slingbacks –  These are probably the most expensive piece of this outfit, or would be if I hadn’t picked them up on sale. I love shoes. And handbags, they are my weakness and I often spend way more money than I should on them. These Nine West slingbacks are the perfect shoe for this pant. The color matches the sweater tying the whole thing together. The height of the heel is also important, a higher heel would be too much.

me 3Why I Love It
This outfit made me feel feminine and bright. I love that it stays casual but had enough flare to work for my office. I also just love the colors. They make me happy, and that is something that remains all day. I love the flow this outfit has without any extras it didn’t need to jewelry or a lot of make up to look complete. In fact, accessories would have problem made this outfit too loud.

I love that this is another great example of trying something new and finding confidence, joy, and comfort in expanding my style horizons.


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