Braided Up Do

Braids, braids, and more braids. I know we’ve done a lot of braids. I’m not sorry. I love them and they are so easy, and fast, to make look awesome.

So this style is all about interpretation. What does that mean? Okay, the steps of this style are the same whether you want a smooth, sleek, severe, heading off to a job interview or being a bridesmaid look or a messy, running late, just need my hair out-of-the-way to party look.

If you are going for the sleek and smooth style then you’re going to want to take a bit more time with this one. Maybe 20 minutes to a half hour instead of the 15 I spent. The places things vary are pretty obvious but I will try to point them out as we go.

You’ll need lots of bobby pins for this style and hair elastics. How many is up to you.  If you are doing the sleek version of this style my recommendation is to either wash your hair right before and do the style while it is still mostly wet.

– Side note – Never, if you can help it, I know sometimes it doesn’t work that way, style your hair when it is really wet. I know the temptation. It’s so pliable. But brushing it and pulling on it to style it while it is really wet causes breakage and ultimately will do you no favors. Instead towel it semi dry first and use a little leave in conditioner. Or use some heat resistant spray and blow dry it to a semi dry state. – Okay, back on track.  For the messy style. It doesn’t matter if its clean, dry, wet, or dirty.  To be honest, I barely even brushed mine.


Step 1 – Separate hair into four ( or more if you need to) equal sections. You can do them one section at a time, just be careful that you’re not making one section weirdly thick.




Step 2 – Braid the sections all the way to the very ends. This is important, braid as far as you can because anything that is left over will have to be tucked in later. 


IMG_1469When creating sections to braid, make sure they are all pulled up to the sides of your head. It won’t work if one is coming straight out of the back of your head.

IMG_1470‘You may have some difference in thickness and that is okay but the more even you can get them the better. OR at least have one thick and one skinny on each side.

– If you are doing the sleek version you want to make sure the braids are of even sections and tightly braided so that there are no wisps sticking out. You may wish to use product to make sure they stay that way.

IMG_1471Step 3 – Choose one of the braids closest to the back of your head. Pull it up and across the back of your head. Secure on far side with bobby pin. DO NOT remove the elastic. There will likely be plenty of braid hanging on the far side and you don’t want it to unravel.



Take the back braid from the opposite side and repeat step 3.  You will do this for each braid. Pin as you go if any sections feel heavy or loose.

-If doing the sleek version, make sure that you keep the braids tight and lay them close together. Hairspray as you go. If you are okay with messy, then it’s fine if they are loose and some space is open between the braids.

If you want more of a bun-like, circular look pin the ends in a circular motion instead of back and forth across.

Step 4 – When you have done one cross with each braid go back, and repeat the steps with the ends. Keep repeating until you have no ends left.IMG_1474 2


Step 5 – As you can, see the style needs cleaning up, even if your going with the messy look. Take bobby pins and tuck the un-braided ends under some of the braids. Secure them tightly with the bobby pins. Also take the opportunity to adjust any piling of the braids if you don’t like the way they are falling or you want to fan them out more.

Step 6 – Spray with hairspray and smooth and fly aways or bumps at the front. Make any final adjustments to the braids and you are ready to go.



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