I heart Nails for Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day! While I don’t have any special plans it doesn’t mean my nails can’t be festive. Here are two simple and cute nail designs for Valentine’s Day.



I used Essie- Lovey Dovey pink nail polish as well as white and red nail pens. I used the pens because they have polish brushes as well, but you could easily use regular polish and a dotting tool or line brush.



My first step for each design was to prep my nails and paint them with a base coat.

To start I’ll show you how easy it is to create the Stenciled Heart Design (top left) and Pink Heart Inlay (top middle).


Step 1. Using the white IMG_2474(or red if you want to switch it up) nail pen draw a heart on your thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. Which direction the hearts face is your preference, that being said, if you draw them points out (towards the tip of you nail) it makes your nails look longer. You’ll also want to  make the hearts large enough to meet the length of your nail without making them too fat.

Step 2. Fill in the hearts with white polish.

Step 3. On your pointer and ring fingers repeat the above steps with the red pen. Let everything dry.

Step 4.  After the nails are dry, paint over the whole nail with the pink polish. If you aren’t using the same polish I do, just keep in mind that the pink you use needs to be very light. You only want to barely cover the hearts in the pink polish.
The reason that for painting the hearts first and then covering them in the pink is to create a 3-D look. When you are all done you’ll have different color tones and textures in your nails.

Let the pink dry before moving onto step 5.

Step 5. Outline the hearts in their respective colors.

Stenciled Hearts Step 6. Clean up the pink around the outline by carefully layering on another coat of pink.

Stenciled Hearts


Now to create the second design simply follow the steps for Stenciled Hearts all the way to step 5.  Instead of cleaning up the pink though you’ll the follow Step 6. instead.

Pink Heart Inlay Step 6.  Using a thin brush or the pen, begin coloring out from the stencil in the matching color.

Step 7. Clean up any lines and let dry.

Paint with a top coat and let dry.

For another super easy valentine’s day design check out my Love Your Self nail art.



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