Outfit of the Week- Cheetah print and Heeled Boots

I may no longer be unsure how to successfully navigate the world of work appropriate clothing, but I know any number of people who are. Particularly, I’ve heard the younger women in my life say that they aren’t comfortable in their work wear or aren’t sure if they are dressing the part at their office/internship/job. Well, here is the biggest secret; other people can tell when you’re not comfortable in your clothes. What you wear to work should build your confidence not make you question it. Finding clothes that are fashionable and work appropriate also doesn’t have to break the bank, you don’t have to start shopping only in “Women’s” stores either. Although, this outfit did come entirely from the “Women’s” section.


Why this outfit works– This outfit feels finished. Necklace, shoes, hair, and make up all come together to give this outfit a completed look. It doesn’t look as though I just threw it on. The sweater offers both print and texture which keeps it from looking too casual. Tall heeled boots also give a more professional look when paired with the less traditional fabric and color of the pants. For a more casual look, try riding or combat boots, or even casual flats and skip on the necklace (or keep the necklace and do a similar top without the print). To boost the look into the professional realm pair the top with black slacks and pumps or heeled booties.



The Pieces-   Sweater – Van Housemen Women’s collection. I picked this pretty thing up at an outlet store for $12.



IMG_2333Pants- Calvin Klein Moto Skinny’s. The color is actually not black but a very dark green/ off black. These are also an outlet find for $20.





The Necklace- I think you’ll recognize this multi strand rope necklace from my 20’s inspired post. I love this necklace because it goes with a lot and it gives a lot of class to an otherwise casual top.  I actually bought this with the sweater ($11 at the Van Huesen outlet) because I knew it would pair well.


IMG_2461Boots- These were a Christmas present from last year (2014) so I’m not actually sure where they came from. Their off brand, a perfect example of non-name brand stuff being cute, in-expensive, and long lasting. They are taller than they look because they are actually a platform heel and they give about 3 inches. and come all the way to my knees, which might be a bit tall for some people. I love the detailing and the ties in the back.



I curled my hair, because for me this is always a little bit fancier than my normal hair, and used a mostly neutral make up palate (because at that point I was cutting my morning close and trust me I need to stop on my way to work for coffee). IMG_2441

Why I love it- Being completely honest, I’m not overly fond of loud colors or prints, I prefer subtle neutrals, but the cheetah print and unique colors off this outfit always make me feel like I’m stepping out of my own box. They don’t make me feel like I’m too flashy though. I also love whenever I get the opportunity to wear taller heels at only 5’3 I’m shorter than most people and feeing tall is actually a huge confidence boost. Over all this outfit makes me feel like people are paying attention to me but that I’m not demanding that attention, for me it’s a good balance and it goes a long way towards making me feel like I can take on whatever work throws at me.



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