Elsa braid from Frozen

For this hair tutorial I re-created the super popular Ice Queen hair-do from Frozen. The Elsa braid. I want to say thank you to my best friend for lending me her head so that I can show you all exactly how to do this.

For this style you are going to need: Bobby pins, hairspray, a couple of small clear plastic  hair elastic.IMG_1554

Step 1- Separate a section at the front of your head. Tease the hair by gently combing the hair into a poof. Pin in place with bobby pins.

Step 2- Collect hair in two sections from the front of your head. This is just like if you were creating a french braid.

IMG_1555 Using the hair from the poof french braid for about an inch.IMG_1556

Braid the hair all the way to the tip in a regular braid. (This make look super daunting but it’s not.) Secure with an elastic at the end.

Step 3- Flip the braid out-of-the-way. If it’s long enough you can just flip it over in front of your face.  If it doesn’t stay just use a IMG_1560clip or bobby pin to secure it. (Try not to deflate your poof.)

Step 4 – Okay choice time! Pick the side of your head you want to the braid to be on. Then collect a large section of hair from the OPPOSITE side. Pull it from the front and collect all the hair between where already braided and below your ear.



Step 5 – French Braid this section.You want to braid at an angle to come around the back of your head.    When you reach the center of the head secure the braid with a hair elastic that can be easily moved.  





Step 6- Lay the top braid flat in its normal position. Take a large  section from the side you want to braid to be on. Separate the section from the rest of the hair on that side. You will need to move the hair elastic from the braid you just made down enough to work with that section of hair as well.


IMG_1567Step 7- Looping under the very first braid (See picture —>) begin braiding the second braid (the one from the opposite side of your head) with the section of hair you just separated. This bit can take a lot of practice so if it looks bumpy or feels loose the first time you  do it just use lots of bobby pins to secure it.


Step 8 – After you get all of the remaining hair into the french braid pull the first braid in as the third strand of your new braid.  When you get to the point where enough of the hair is braided you can remove the elastics.



Braid it all the way to the very tips. Secure with elastic. Spray with hairspray and use pins to secure any loose bits or fly away pieces. If you want an even fuller looking braid, just tug the loops of the braid lightly to create a wider braid.




By the way this turned into…..



With just these 2 additional steps– 

1- Start the bun by pulling the braid up and pinning it about an inch behind your ear. Use this as your anchor point.

2- Keep wrapping the hair (securing with pins every inch or two) until you’ve gone around (hopefully you’ll go around once before running out of hair). Keep wrapping creating a steadily larger bun until you run out of hair. Tuck the end under the rest of the bun and secure with a pin. SPRAY. Yeah, use a lot of hairspray.





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