1920’s Inspired Fashion

I love the 1920’s. There isn’t anything I don’t love about the era. Okay, that’s not true there are a few things, but for the most part I love it. What’s not to love about gin drinking, dancing, and getting dolled up? So, when I came across this dress when shopping I knew it was a sign to create a roaring twenties inspired outfit!

Obviously, I started with the dress. In the very early 1920’s, right after WWI, women’s fashion changed dramatically. Hemlines rose, materials changed, and the tight corseted style went out the window. Women of the twenties fell in love with vibrant colors, silk, fur, and free movement. The sheath dress, a style that has a low (or none at all) waistline became very popular in both evening and everyday dress.

As you can see the dress below (bottom right) has a loose- no waist- style that creates a slim or flat silhouette. This style doesn’t work for everyone but you can change up the silhouette to better fit by adding a belt and creating a low (or high) waistline.

Women also began to favor short hairstyles or elaborately coiffed ones. For the hair I created a short look by twisting small sections of my hair away from my face and pinning them tight to my head in the back. I probably used 50 bobby pins keeping the style tight.

Makeup also changed a lot as women began to favor smokey, speak easy,  night spots and dramatic ensembles. My foundation was basic, just a quick brush over to even out any splotches. For the eyes,  I used a lot of neutral browns and light pinks to create a natural look. Unfortunately, I can’t create a cat eye to save my soul, so instead of using heavy liner I used a shimmery but deep grey along the lash line to create a bit more definition. The lips are my favorite bold, bright red. It’s the Kate by Rimmel number 110.


To finish the look add a clutch and long rope style necklace.

I loved this look and hopefully it inspires you to have a themed outfit day. Just pick an era with fashion that you love and that makes you feel confident and powerful.


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