Candy Cane Nails

These candy cane nails come to you as a request from one of my co-workers. She couldn’t believe how easy it was to create this Christmas look. You can create very similar looks with the same steps just different colors or angles on the tape. I know I alluded to some “super Christmasy” designs in my earlier posts, and indeed I was planning to do a tree design, I decided to go with this design because it is so accessible. You don’t need anything special to create it and if you’re creating a look with limited time – say in between decorating sugar cookies and wrapping presents- this design is much easier.

As Christmas draws near wrap your nails in some painters tape and create this beautiful look.

IMG_2310You’ll need a red polish, I used Anise’s Shoe Lover polish which came as a free gift with purchase from DSW. I also used my go to white polish, Whirl Wind White by Sally Hansen (featured in my Snowman and Snowflake tutorials). You’ll also need painters tape, they do make super thin nail tape as well but I find painters tape works great and you get a lot more per roll.


Step 1. Paint all of your nails red and then let them dry. It’s important to let them really dry because you’ll be putting tape on them.





Step 2. While your nails are drying cut off a section of painters tape from the roll. Begin cutting the tape into super thin sections. You’ll need five or six pieces of tape per nail depending on the thickness. To be honest this is the hardest and most time consuming part of this whole nail design.

Step 3. When you nails are dry begin placing the tape on each nail. You want to place each piece in a shallow diagonal, like a candy cane. You may want to switch directions occasionally or overlap the corners. Whatever you think will give you the best design.

Step 4. Make sure all the tape is pressed down. Paint all of your nails white, paint right over the tape.

Step 4.5. If you used my Vaseline/lotion/chap stick hack then you can just wipe away any excess. otherwise you’ll want to clean the sides up, by using a q-tip and remover, before you move on to step 5. If you accidentally wipe any of the design away just put a new coat of white on that nail.

Step 5. Let them dry. Make sure they are completely dry before pealing the tape off.

Step 6. Paint them with a top coat.


That’s it, you now have beautiful candy cane nails.


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