Red and Green French Tips

It’s the holiday season and Christmas is nearly upon us. As such, I’m finally breaking out some more traditional holiday nail designs. Since we are still in the midst of holiday party season, I wanted to showcase an elegant design that will go with just about any outfit or dress you may find yourself wearing this holiday season.

Officially, this isn’t a French Manicure as a French Manicure is technically white and pink only. However, these are French Tips, and they can be any color you want.

To create this design I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Wedding Glitters, a green nail pen, and a red nail pen. As always if you don’t have nail pens you can absolutely create this design using regular polish. If you are using regular polish I recommend using a thin brush nail tool or tape, possibly even both.One of <–these would be perfect.





To complete this design you do need a pretty steady hand, so if you aren’t sure you can draw a straight line with your non-dominant hand you will want to have nail tape handy (If you don’t have nail tape you can always use painter’s tape, I do).

Step 1. Prep your nails using my Pre Polish 1.2.3.

Step 2. Once your nails are prepped and you are ready to start begin by painting each of your nails gold.

gold 1

Step 3. Let them dry. This is very important, especially if you are using nail tape or painters tape, you don’t want any gold to peel off with the tape.

Step 4. If you are planning to use the tape, tape off the bottom of your nail so that you can paint just the top of each nail with the second color.

gold 2

Step 5. Identify how thick you want the colored tip of your nail to be. If all of your nails are not the same length, like mine, you want to keep the tips uniform so that it’s less noticeable. If you have a really thin line on your shorter nail it will stand out. If you have shorter nails I do recommend a thin colored tip. As you can see in the picture I went with a medium tip, I probably could have done them a bit thinner, but it is what it is.

Step 6. If you’ve used tape to mark off your nail then this step is extra, I still do it because it helps me to have a clean line across. Using your nail pen, thin brush, or other tool of choice draw a line across your nail where you want your tip to begin. I like to draw mine in a very slight arc but straight across works too. Use your green color on all of the nails (both hands) but your ring fingers. Leave these fingers gold for now.

gold 3

If you are using tape, do not remove it.

( I only did one nail using tape as an example, since I did the rest of my nails free hand there isn’t any tape in the photos.)





Step 7. Using your green polish fill everything between your line and the end of your nail to create a solid green tip. Repeat this for each nail on both hands. Again exclude the ring fingers.

Step 8. Once you’ve put a green tip on each finger. Let them dry.

Step 9. Go back to your ring fingers. Using your red color, repeat steps 6-8 for just your ring fingers.

gold 16

Step 10. Leave all your fingers to dry. If you have used tape leave it on until your tips have dried, about ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 11. Remove tape if used, be very carefully of this as you don’t want to peel any gold color off. If you do, you’ll need fix them. I’ll show you that step at the very end.


Now that your tips have all dried you may notice that some of lines where gold and tip meet have smudged or blurred a little bit. This is fine, you’re going to create a new clean line with the opposite color.

If you aren’t sure you can create this without tape, just re-tape your nail gold 8with a thin section of gold showing between tape and tip.





Step 12. With your red pen or polish and thin brush, draw a thin line across the edge of each tip where it meets your gold nail. Follow or overlay the line that you made in Step 6. This creates a clean line between your gold nail and green tip. Repeat for each green tipped nail.

Step 13. Repeat Step 12 with your green pen for your two red tipped nails.

Step 14. Touch up any smudges and LET DRY.

Step 15. Once they have dried apply a top coat and let that dry.

gold 13Fixing a smudged Gold section- to fix the gold section if it is smudged or peeled by the tape you do not need to re-paint the whole nail. Take your gold color, wipe the brush on the edge of the bottle so that only a thin layer of paint is on the brush.

Then place the gold 12brush at the very edge of your line, don’t place it too close though. Paint from the line back towards your 11



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