Frosty Snowmen

When planning nail designs for this time of year I like to keep two things in mind, will it match a number of different outfits and is cute without being over the top? So since it’s only the second week in December, instead of going with something that screams HOLIDAY TIME, I’ve opted for a slightly more subtle design. A Snowman. I tried two different designs and I will show you both.


Once again, if you’re new to nail art, or haven’ read my Pre-Polish 1.2.3, then please start by checking it out.


To create this unique snowman nail design you’ll need a white polish, a blue or festive color, and black and orange nail pens.

snowman 7

You can also use black or orange polish and a decoration tool, like this one.



(This is a dotting tool, but a bobby pin or tooth pick will work in a pinch)


The tutorial will be for the basic design shown at the top of the post. I used two blue polishes to create and icy effect but you can also use any other festive color. I used Sally Hansen’s Whirlwind White, I also used Sally Hansen Xtreme brand Breezy Blue and SinfulColors Cinderella.


You’ve gathered your polishes, prepped your nails, and you’re ready to get started. Fabulous!


Step 1. After your base coat has dried. Paint your index, middle, and ring fingers white.

Snowman 11


Step 2. While these dry, pain your thumb and pinky finger with the Breezy Blue. Let Dry.

snowman 9


Repeat steps one and two until you have 2 to 3 layers of polish on each finger. Let your nails dry for 5 to 10 minutes.


Step 3. Once your nails have dried you can begin the fun part! Making your snowman. Start with your ring finger and build your snowman up. Place your hand flat on your surface “Up” is moving pinky to thumb. “Across” is cuticle to nail tip. Using your black pen, make your buttons by placing three equidistant dots up the middle of your ring finger.

Snowman 5


Step 4. Still using your black pen, make the mouth of your snowman by placing dots in a half-moon across your middle finger. Make sure your mouth is smiling!

Snowman 4


Step 5. On your index finger place two more black dots across the nail. These are your eyes, they should not only be equidistant from the edges of your nail but they should be towards the top of the nail. Below your eyes will be your nose, so make sure you have enough room.


Step 6. Using the orange nail pen, or polish and dotting tool, create the nose. First using the orange pen outline a triangle. You want the triangle to face out, that means flat side towards the cuticle and point towards the nail tip. This is meant to resemble a carrot, so make sure that the triangle is long enough. Once you’ve outlined the nose, fill it in with the orange polish.

snowman 3


Step 7. Using the Cinderella Blue, which is basically just additional sparkle, I painted the top half of my thumb and pinky to create a frosty appearance.

snowman 8


Step 8. I also used an additional color pen, I used yellow but you could also use the orange, I added a pipe to my snowman’s smile. This is not necessary but I think it brought the snowman together. You could also add a bow-tie or other embellishment.

snowman 12


Step 9. Let your nails dry. When they have fully dried finish your nails with a top coat.





If you want to do the design pictured in the alternate photo. It’s very easy to add the hat. You can follow the tutorial as above and just add a top hat to each thumbnail. To add the hat you will need the black nail pen and a silver nail pen.


Step 1. The top hat is easy to outline, it will go top to bottom. So if you are holding your hand up and looking at your thumb, it will be horizontal with the top of the hat on the outside and the bottom of the hat on the inside. In the upper middle of your thumb draw a square.


Step 2. To create the brim, draw an oval attaching to the bottom of the square.


Step 3. Color in the outline so that hat is all black. Let dry.

Snowman 1

Step 4. After it has dried use the silver nail pen to draw a square in the center space where the brim and hat attach.

snowman 2


Step 5. Draw a silver line out from either side of the silver square. This is the buckle


Let everything dry and cover with a top coat.

Snowman 10


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