Tidal Blue Snowflake Tutorial

Since it is only the beginning of December and just the first week of my nail art challenge, I thought I would leave the SUPER Christmas styles till closer to the actual holiday. I opted to go with a wintry pattern of snowflakes instead. This is a good style for those who don’t have a lot of time, or opposite hand dexterity. What I mean by that is, these are pretty hard to mess up, of course, I did- you’ll notice in the final picture- but if you have a hard time working with your non-dominant hand you should still be able to pull this off.

So if you are brand new to nail art or my tutorials first take a peek at my Pre-Polish 1.2.3. page here.

Now, you’ve prepped your nails and are already to get down to the business of painting some snowflakes. Fabulous! For this design I used: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Tidal Blue, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White, and Nail Art pens in White, Silver, and Blue. I have Migi brand pens and Nail Art pens and I like them both. You can use other nail tools or a tooth pick to do this design too but I think pens are easiest and produce the least amount of mess.

I’m a sucker for Sally Hansen polish and I think her Gel line is fabulous. I mean, it’s not a shellac but it works really well for something that only costs about $7 dollars a bottle. I pick mine up at Target. Another reason I like her brands is that if you use one of her non-gel polish colors and the gel coat top, it will still work pretty well. It’s not quite as thick but that top coat is amazing. She has several cheaper lines, Xtreme and Insta Dri as well as her standard colors.

O.P.I is of course great, as it’s stocked in most salon’s you probably know that. I don’t buy a lot of O.P.I but the price is comparable. If you’re looking for some good quality products on the lower side of the budget, I strongly recommend Charlotte Rouse, NYC, and Anise. They do sometimes flake off but if you have a good quality top coat you can usually get a week of wear from the color. If you want to hear more about the different brands of polish I’m happy to write a whole post, or page about it. Let me know in the comments section.

 Step 1. Paint all of your nails with a base coat. Again, I went with Sally Hansen. Let dry, about five minutes.blog 2.4

Step 2. Paint all of your nails except your ring fingers with the Tidal Blue. If you don’t want an accent nail, paint them all blue. Let dry, then paint a second coat. You want the color to be nice and vibrant. Let them dry for about five to ten minutes.

blog 2.5

Step 3. You can do this while you’re waiting for the blue to dry. Paint your accent finger (ring finger) with the Whirlwind White. Two coats and then let dry.

Step 4. When your nails are dry, you want to wait for them to be dry so that you don’t accidentally smudge them, practice making a snowflake with your nail pen.

blog 2.13

Practice with both hands so that you know you can create the design with your non-dominant hand. Decide how big and how many you want on each nail. Mine, are shorter but my nails are wide, so I decided on two per nail.

Step 5. Once you’ve decided, pick up your white nail pen and starting with your thumb draw your first snowflake. To draw the snowflake without messing up your paint job I suggest dropping a dot of polish on your nail where you want the center of your snowflake to be. Then very lightly drag the pen out from the center of the dot to the edge of where you want the snowflake to be. Squeeze the tube steadily but not forcefully as you move the pen so that your line is nice and thick but not splashy. Alternately you can make five Y shapes that meet in the middle.

TIP: soak a cotton ball in remover and wipe the tip of your pen periodically to keep lines smooth. For those using a stick and not a pen you may need to go over each line more than once, and be sure to keep enough polish on the stick.

Step 6. Create your snowflake on each finger. Use blue on your accent fingers.

Step 7. Take the silver nail pen. Lightly trace your snowflake or add line and dots for embellishment. I traced the inside of mine for a shadowy effect and added a few lines onto each leg of my flake to make them look more realistic. Each leg should look sort of like a Y.

If you do not want to use silver, then make the Y shape with the white pen.

blog 2.18

Step 8. Wipe off any excess polish from the sides of your fingers and let your nails dry. Your nails now have several layers of polish on them and they need to dry fully. This will take some time. Usually fifteen to twenty minutes. When they feel dry, run them under cold water. Pat them dry, DO NOT RUB.

Step 9. Apply your Miracle Gel or other top coat. It is super important to wait until your nails have dried before putting on a top coat. If they aren’t dry and you put your top coat on you run the risk of smudging them and ruining your hard work. As you can see from my photos, that’s exactly what I did.

Step 10. LET DRY. Wash your hands with cold water when they are dry. Cold water helps the polish harden and will prevent smudges.


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