French Twisted Bangs

Here we are again, it’s Monday! Everyone loves Monday right? Probably not. This is one of those tutorials that are great for Mondays. You don’t have to wash your hair, it takes ZERO time, looks like you actually put effort in, and if you have a fancy bobby pin or hair tie it will look like a Friday style not a Monday blah style.

So what do you need? Easy, hair elastics and bobby pins. As I said, if you have a fancy one there are ample opportunities to use them with this style. Also a bit of hairspray or dry shampoo.

Step 1.  If your hair is dry use a little dry shampoo to give it texture. If you just washed it then use just a bit of hairspray or style paste to tame it and make sure the style stays.IMG_1423

Step 2.  Take the front section of your hair and separate it from the rest. Comb it over to one side. The amount of hair you comb to the side is up to your preference. I like to make mine a little heavy on the side because of the way my bangs fall but you can definitely do less if that is what you are comfortable with.




Step 3. Take the separated section and begin twisting it back and away from your face.You want to twist it past your ear. Try to go all the way to the back of your head if you can. Secure with bobby pins. This is one of those great opportunities for fancy hair accessories. If you have glitzy bobby pins you can use them to create accents in the twist.



IMG_1429Step 4. Gather all your hair at the back of your head in a pony tail. You want it to be right in the middle of your head. Brush and tease the hair to give it lots of body.






IMG_1436Step 5. Flip the hair over the ponytail holder and begin wrapping it to create a bun. Secure with a hair tie.You want to pull and tug lightly on the bun to create a loose poofy bun. This is another place you can use those fancy hair accessories. I love using clips with flowers in this look. I didn’t for IMG_1434this particular day (I mean I have on a glitzy collar so I didn’t need to add much to my hair) but it always takes the style up a notch.Spray with Hair Spray and pin securely.




Oh look! It’s fabulous and we’re done already! Time left over to actually sit and enjoy your coffee (or in my case hit up Dunks) before you run off to work.


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