The Tuck and Cover

This hairstyle tutorial is called the Tuck and Cover. You only need two things. A headband and Bobby pins.

I also use some hair products but they aren’t exactly necessary if you prefer to go without. This hair style is super quick. It takes about 10 minutes to create the style. As you’ll see throughout my posts I always try to get as much ready as possible the night before. That’s one of the things I love about this hair style it looks great even if you sleep on it.

So that being said, you probably want to pick a headband that not only matches your outfit, but is not likely to poke you in your sleep.

Step 1. Is to wet your hair. I recommend this but you can do it even if your hair is dry. I like to add mouse so that my hair holds without the heaviness of too much Hairspray.

Step 2. Place the headband over your hair. Like the picture below. Also you want it to be down over your forehead a little bit because it will get pulled up as you create the style.

Step 3. You want to separate a small piece in the front and begin twisting (twist all the way to the tip). Once it is tightly twisted pull it up and loop it through the head band creating a wrapping effect.


Step 4. Collect another section of hair into the twist. Twist them together before looping it through the band again. This is similar to a French Twist. Repeat this step until you reach the back of your head. When you reach the back of your head keep looping hair through head band until all of the hair is tucked in.


Step 5. You want to repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side until you reach the back. Again you want to make sure that you tuck all of the hair into the headband. Once you’ve smoothed all the hair up into the headband it should look like this.


You may need to pull the headband up to  sit where you want on your head.

Step 6- For extra hold I make sure to use hairspray. You’ll definitely want to do this if you are planning to sleep on it.

For those planning to sleep on it, this is what it looks like after sleeping on it for a night.


Step 7- Smooth and tuck hair back into place. Don’t be afraid to push hair back through band to make it tighter.

Use bobby pins to secure.


I used about 6. If you don’t know how to properly use bobby pins (yes, this is a real thing) check out this pin.

Typically I spray it with hairspray again to set it before I leave. Won’t it look sticky and heavy with so much spay? How do I avoid that crackle look? EASY, use water based hairspray and don’t squirt it directly into your hair. Hold it at least a hand width away and spray at an angle.

This is what it looked like when I went to work.

1-8                 1-9

I love to parlay this hairstyle because when you take it out at the end of the day it leaves you with beautiful curls. I’m going to feature these curls in my next post so keep tuned!


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