French braided side braids

Tis, the season for holiday parties, cocktail parties, NYE, and random fancy celebrations. This is one of my go to hairstyles when I have to dress up. It’s fast, easy and gorgeous.

I did this tutorial back when my hair was much longer but a medium length won’t prevent you from making this work.

I get SO many compliments on this hairstyle. It looks complicated, and everyone assumes it takes hours, but it honestly takes 20 minutes. It can be a bit hard the first time you  try it so you might want to give yourself a little extra time on your first attempt.

You’re going to need: 4 small elastic and a normal hair tie. You’ll also want to have bobby pins handy in case any of the braids seem loose. You’ll need hairspray too.

I did this style with dry  hair. I treated it with sleek and shine leave in conditioner to keep it smooth and help hold the braids. I recommend people who wish to do the style with wet hair use a light mousse to help hold the style.

STEP 1- Separate a section of hair near the front of your head. Include your bangs if you have them. Split the section into three equal sections to begin braid.

. IMG_1409

STEP 2- Begin french braiding the section. You want to french braid the section to just behind the ear. Then continue a regular braid to the very end of the hair.  Secure with elastic.


**** ALTERNATIVE OPTION****- If French Braiding is difficult for you, then you can create a similar effect by pulling your hair towards the back of your head and doing a normal braid. You’ll need to use bobby pins to secure the braid to your head in a way that looks similar to a French Braid.

STEP 3- Separate a similar section on the opposite side of your head. IMG_1412

Separate into three even sections and begin french braiding your hair. For this braid, do not stop behind your ear. Continue the french braid around the back of your head.


Once you reach the center of the back of your head, it will become difficult to pull new hair into the braid, stop french braiding and continue with a normal braid.

. IMG_1414

Make sure you braid to the very ends of your hair. Secure with an elastic. (Again if have an issue with French Braiding, because let’s face it can be freaking hard, then just braid as normal and use pins to secure in place)

STEP 4-  Collect remaining strands of hair.


Take all three sections of hair and braid them together. The one section of un-braided hair gives the braid texture.  When you get to the ends take out the elastic and then continue braiding to the very end of the large braid before securing with a hair tie.


Use bobby pins to secure any sections that feel loose. For me this is always where the braids come together.


STEP 5- Spray with Hairspray and smooth back.


There you go. Now you have a hairstyle that looks amazing, super complicated, and yet took you no more than 20 minutes.





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